Write Better Subject Lines

I’ve signed up for lots of emails through the years but I’ve unsubscribed or began to ignore lots of them by now. The ones that have stuck around are the ones who realized that it’s a privilege that I’m allowing them in my inbox and made it worth my while. In short they built a relationship that I didn’t want to end because they made it valuable.
Sometimes to foster that relationship all you have is a moment; specifically the moment that your reader takes to read your headline. Here’s a few tips to help you be a better headline writer for emails.

Be Clear
Honesty is crucial in any relationship—especially the one brands form with their customers. When writing subject lines, marketers should always tell the truth. If an email contains information about a webinar, don’t write a subject line hinting towards a sale or new blog post.
Be Concise
According to a recent Retention Science study, subject lines containing six to 10 words perform the best and have a 21% open rate while subject lines containing 11 to 15 perform the worst and generate a 14% open rate. Yet, 52% of emails sent still contain 11 to 15-word subject lines.

Be Interesting

We generally like to date people who know what’s going on in the world. Consumers like to know that their favorite brands are on top of pop culture, as well. In fact, subject lines containing movie or song references generated a 26% open rate, compared to traditional subject lines that generated 16% open rates.

(via DM News)

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