Postmaster General's 4 Star Plan

When Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe wasn’t encouraging mailers to utilize data and analytics in their marketing he laid out a four part plan that marketer’s can implement to be better at direct mail. It reads like something that ‘we’ should do but as a marketer you should read it as something ‘you’ should do. We should all be thinking of ways to make our pieces more relevant in an ever increasing digital world. Here are the four points of his plan.

-Make mail more personally relevant and tailor mail pieces more to an individual.
-Accelerate the adoption of technologies that make mail more actionable, with emphasis on speeding the customer’s purchasing process.
-Expand the functionality of mail by embedding technologies and enabling interactions with devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.
-Invest more in industry-wide creativity, such as mail pieces that use color, irregular sizes and novel construction.

(via WMBF News)

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