• 5 Tips for Waking up Tired Mail

    Is your marketing getting tired? Is your target audience tuning out your mailings because you’re sending the same campaign over and over?  Maybe it’s time to mix things up. Here are five ideas to get people noticing your direct mailings again. 1. Get creative with envelopes.   Envelopes can be a lot of fun. They […]

  • 3 Secret Benefits to Print Over Digital

    In a world infatuated with digital, print marketers have a secret in their pockets—print. Here are three reasons why print still packs a wallop, even in a digital world. 1. Digital channels aren’t as inexpensive as you’d think.   Just because there isn’t a print and mail cost doesn’t mean that digital channels are less […]

  • Survey: Marketing Budgets Soar!

    Every year, Target Marketing surveys its readership to identify trends for the upcoming marketing year. This year, its “2019 Marketing Budget Survey” found that a whopping 10x more marketing budgets are increasing for 2019 than decreasing.  Great news! That’s the kind of commitment that gets results. Here’s how the data on respondents’ budgets broke out: […]

  • Tapping the Power of the Sidewalk Sign

    What happens when your brick-and-mortar location depends on business from people who work nearby but don’t live there? How do you reach them? Wide-format graphics, including sidewalk signs! Your target audience is walking by your location multiple times a day. A well-placed professional sidewalk sign is one of your best, most effective tools for reaching […]

  • Are You Using Content Your Audience Trusts?

    One of the critical factors in building audience engagement is trust. When your audience trusts you, they engage more and spend more money. Using marketing content that your audience considers trustworthy helps to build that engagement. This means third-party content. No matter how great your company, no matter how strong its track record, your customers […]

  • Not Personalizing Yet? 3 Data Points You Need to Know

    Are you among the marketers who have not yet started sending personalized direct mail and email communications? Are you still using a “one size fits all” marketing strategy? If so, here are three data points that you should keep in mind. 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it […]

  • 3 Steps to Rocking Your 1:1 Print Marketing Campaign

    You’ve seen the power of 1:1 print marketing and decided to give it a try. From data to customer profiling to layout and design, however, there is so much to do. Where do you begin? Start by asking three questions. 1. What are you trying to accomplish? Success starts with setting a specific and realistic […]

  • 3 Tips for QR Code Success

    You see QR Codes everywhere these days. These black-and-white boxes can be scanned with any mobile phone using QR Code scanning software or with Apple’s iOS 10. Scanning the code takes you instantly to a landing page or some other online destination, such as a video or map. QR Codes can be great tools, but […]

  • Print Design: Fixer Upper Style

    One of the hottest shows on television is “Fixer Upper,” in which husband and wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines turn outdated and dilapidated homes into their clients’ dream homes. By tapping into the colors used by Joanna Gaines, the show’s designer, you can create fresh, engaging print marketing that appeals to a wide demographic […]

  • Create Direct Mail with Stopping Power

    Every day, thousands of marketing contacts clamor for your customers’ attention. What will make these customers stop and take the time to look at yours? 1. Make them say, “Wow!” Think of the outer envelope as a storefront. Use it to grab attention with more than just eye-catching images. Try different colored stocks, different plastic […]