Will Dimensional Pricing Affect You?

The cause and effect principle has seemingly come in to play with regard to shipping costs. The cause is partly a result of the ever growing shift from shopping in-store to shopping online. With less room in shipping trucks due to bulkier items both FedEx and UPS are moving toward dimensional pricing models which will be effective in 2015.
The USPS is pitching itself as the low-cost option. A direct mail piece sent out by the USPS is reminding shippers that the US Postal Service may be the cheapest option for them. The mailer implies that due to their competitors new dimensional pricing models a box weighing one pound could result in being charged as though the box weighed 11 pounds. The mailer also includes some examples of how shipping with the USPS will result in savings if you ship lightweight yet bulky items.
If you’re concerned that the changes to shipping prices will affect you please be in touch with our Fulfillment Manager, Drew Shafer. He can walk you through all the options available to you and will make sure you get the best possible shipping price.

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