USPS Postal Reform Update

Here’s an update from Impact’s CEO Tim Johnson:
Postal reform bill S. 1789 is moving through the Senate. It has been approved by committee and it is now ready for consideration by the full Senate.  The Senate is expected to begin voting on the bill on Monday.  It is expected that the first vote will be a “motion to proceed” which requires 60 votes to be approved.  It is primarily a test to see if there will be a filibuster on the bill.  If they get 60 votes, it will be a signal that they can move ahead with debate.
S. 1789 takes what might be called a ‘thread the needle’ approach to postal reform.  The bill would transfer excess payments by the USPS to the Federal Employee Retirement System, lengthen the scheduled payment to pre-fund the retiree medical account and it would reform the federal workers’ comp system.  The bill would delay consideration of five day delivery and USPS facility closings.
S. 1789 is not a perfect bill but we’re encouraging its passage.  We’re hoping that the House, which is taking a much more aggressive approach with HR 2309, will pass its version of legislation and then the differences between the two bills will be resolved in conference.

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