The anatomy of success

Who gets the credit when the company succeeds? Who gets the credit when it fails? The answer for both should be everyone. Sure there are some who are more deserving than others for the credit or the blame, but success or failure never comes down to one person in an organization.
Hopefully that first paragraph is obvious and is easy to accept. Because if that first paragraph is true, then when a mistake is made you must see that it affects you, as a teammate, and you must see how to pitch in and help. Blaming does not help achieve success. Any mistake made is on you, to some degree, to help solve for.
In the same vein, if your team/organization is going to succeed then your team can’t spend all it’s time talking about who should finish a task. If no one is willing to do the less glamorous tasks then you’re all going to fail. If no one on the team is willing to be a teammate then you will not succeed.
Teams have to be made up of folks who are good teammates IN the process, reaching across the aisle DURING the day-to-day grind, not just during crunch time. Your organization will fail if it is made up of individuals. You may not go out of business but all you will do is provide employment.

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