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In the digital age we live in where consumers carry around a device that marketers can send messages to a question you should ask yourself is…do they want to hear from me? In this day of constantly being marketed to does my audience want my marketing? Well, the answer is apparently yes. People still like receiving marketing emails.

The folks at Marketing Sherpa conducted a survey on 2,057 adults in January of this year. Here are some of the results that show that your audience wants to hear from you:

  • 9 in 10 US adults like receiving promotional emails from companies they do business with
  • 61% would like to receive emails from companies they do business with on a weekly basis
  • Consumers appear more likely to want more (29%) rather than fewer (20%) promotional emails, more (29%) rather than fewer (6%) personalized emails, and shorter (30%) rather than longer (1%) emails;
  • Almost 7 in 10 have made purchases on account of emails
  • Half of those who have abandoned an online shopping cart find reminder emails helpful

(via Marketing Charts)

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