New Postmaster General

Megan Brennan
On Feb 2nd, Megan Brennan began here tenure as the 74th Postmaster General, becoming the first woman to serve in that capacity. Megan, as her predecessor came from the Operations group within the Postal Service, originally beginning her career as a carrier in 1986.
Megan is generally regarded as a no nonsense gal with an attitude for getting to the source of the issue, figuring it out and creating the solution. Her goals in leading the Postal Service are as follows:

  • Investing in the future of the Postal Service through training, infrastructure, and systems
  • Speeding the pace of automation
  • Improved engagement and empowerment of employees
  • Building an efficient and productive network

Like her predecessor, Pat Donahoe, Megan appears to be in a similar boat with interested parties at odds on how to right the USPS.

  • Congress seems to continue to fight the efforts of efficiency by fighting the closure of postal facilities and reduction of service standards at the mercy of their constituents.
  • Postal unions are trying to avoid the elimination of jobs even though the volume decline would dictate less workload.
  • Mailers want affordable postage, streamlined processing and rapid delivery.
  • The Postal Service needs to invest in its equipment and infrastructure and replace outdated and inefficient pieces.

Knowing Megan, she is well prepared in understanding the interests of all parties and hopefully can begin constructive communication to unite the parties for the benefit of the Postal Service.

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