Getting the Big ‘Yes’

Marketing is an art. I’ve probably said that before. But if you happen to be the Jackson Pollock of marketing that may not be a good thing. What I mean is if your marketing seems scattered and disorganized by your audience it may be because…your marketing plan is scattered and disorganized.
Beyond having a general marketing plan or general marketing ideas or a general idea of how much you’re going to spend, start having specific events planned out in a customer’s journey. This will help you acheive your marketing goals. Below is a specific example of how to create a winning plan.

Most marketers are familiar with the first few steps of a marketing relationship, but when should you ask for the ultimate commitment, the big “yes?”
That’s actually a trick question. Your content plan should guide readers through a series of small decisions and interactions. Each step presents an opportunity for the very next “yes” in the sequence.
People either choose to engage and consume your content or they choose to check out and leave.
When done correctly, each micro “yes” will have a cumulative effect that will increase your conversion rate when it’s time to ask for a large commitment — your big “yes.”

(via Copyblogger)

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