Keys for Customer Service

The only effective way that I’ve seen to keep customers engaged and coming back is stellar customer service. Giving your customers a great initial product or service is obviously key, but exemplary customer service is part of what you should be selling. Great customer service is what creates brand evangelists who will end up selling your products/services for you.
Below are some really helpful thoughts on customer service and some simple ideas you can implement immediately:

The customer relationship truly begins after the sale, so it’s important to reach out to customers once the sales transaction has been completed. Customers like approachable businesses, knowledgeable follow-up and a show of a heart. Expand the relationship in a way that lets additional possibilities fall into place. For example, ask about the purchase/delivery experience and what more your business can do to help.
You may also consider following up with customers in a week or two with a list of information designed to foster the relationship. It could be, for example, information on how the product purchased can be used for other purposes, or a YouTube video that shows the product in action. Taking these steps can potentially increase sales, and growth is vital to sustaining a long-term customer relationship.
To build the relationship and learn as much as you can, strive for personal interactions with your customers to ensure each customer is treated as a priority and taken care of in the way she he or she expects. Remind each employee that part of their job is to serve as a “brand ambassador” for the firm.
In the end, you must have the courage and strength to do what you know is right for the benefit of your customers. If you are constantly asking your customers what they need and want, your employees can deliver the best. Do your best work and your international online business will grow.

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