Great Reasons To Use Direct Mail

Direct Mail works. It’s tried and true though new tweaks come along every few years which can boost it’s effectiveness. If you’re trying to figure out what your next direct marketing campaign should include, think direct mail.
Here are some good reasons you should be sending direct mail:

Pricing Advantages
In May, 2015, the U.S. Postal Service Commission announced that it was authorizing the USPS to raise Standard Mail prices by just under 2%. But it also announced a 2% discounts for users of its “Mail Drives Mobile Engagement” program. The Postal Service will offer a 2% discount on mailpieces that include mobile print technology and direct recipients to a mobile shopping experience. Additionally, the USPS’ Advanced and Emerging Technology promotion “aims to continue encouraging mailers to integrate direct mail with mobile technology or new advances in print.” This means mailings equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and AR (augmented reality) elements will receive favorable pricing treatment.
Millennials and Digital Natives Like Mail
Maybe it’s just the novelty factor or retro-cool, but young people rely on newspapers, fliers, catalogs, and printed matter for purchase-related information. A well designed mailer can cut through the digital noise, and the UK’s Royal Mail found evidence that physical mailers engage a different (and presumably more retentive) part of the brain.
The USPS’ new “Every Door Direct Mail” program provides an affordable way to “saturation bomb” distinct localities. EDDM campaigns, when combined with NFC, QR, and PURLs, provide an ideal way to identify locally engaged prospects and customers, drive them online, and track them across channels.
The Envelope
Email subject lines in a cluttered inbox and display ad creative lost in a cluttered page aren’t that interesting in comparison with an envelope. Admit it, you take the time before even deciding to open an envelope to determine who it is from and guess to what’s inside. With Digital printing your creativity isn’t limited to what goes inside the envelope. You can personalize a whole lot more than just the address.
When you mail to a postal list where you also have their digital touchpoints (CRM / email and Social CRM / Twitter, etc) you can increase the effectiveness of communications by referencing the postal mail they received. An orchestrated strategy beats an ad-hock strategy.

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