Have a Story. Tell It To Your Customers.

Hard to imagine a consultant or investor asking the CMO, “so, what’s your telephone strategy?”
We don’t have a telephone strategy. The telephone is a tool, a simple medium, and it’s only purpose is to connect us to interested human beings.
And then the internet comes along and it’s mysterious and suddenly we need an email strategy and a social media strategy and a web strategy and a mobile strategy.
No, we don’t.
It’s still people. We still have one and only one thing that matters, and it’s people.
All of these media are conduits, they are tools that human beings use to waste time or communicate or calculate or engage or learn. Behind each of the tools is a person. Do you have a story to tell that person? An engagement or a benefit to offer them?
Figure out the people part and the technology gets a whole lot simpler.

(Seth’s Blog)

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