Easy Ways to Track the Effectiveness of Your Mail

Everyone wants to make sure their marketing dollars aren’t going to waste. This is one of the reasons that direct mail analytics have grown in popularity the last few years. Here are some tips to help:

1. Ask a recipient to bring the piece into your store for a gift or discount.
2. Direct targets to a campaign landing page rather than your company’s home page. Go a step further by creating personalized URLs for each individual.

3. Incorporate tracking codes on coupons as well as self-addressed reply cards, forms or envelopes.

4. Ask recipients to mention a promotion code when they call your company.

5. Offer a toll-free number you’ve set up specifically for the mailing.
6. Include an e-mail address created for the campaign.
7. List a discount code recipients can enter for online purchases.

(via Deliver Magazine)

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