Use Data to Shape Your Plans

We live in an age of an abundance of data. That can be good but it can also be misused.  Knowing the numbers and knowing how to translate that in to revenue is part art and part science. Here are a few good thoughts before you plan your next direct marketing project.

Customer data, media planning, and media buying shouldn’t look like three feuding brothers fighting over the same prom date. They should be looked at and utilized as three important parts of the same team that are infinitely more useful and successful when working together versus apart.

For instance, if you had a client that offers online grocery shopping and delivery services you should do more than blindly assume that 100 percent of their customers are young moms visiting food-related websites, reading online recipes, and learning about the latest calorie-counting techniques. Maybe you’re of this opinion because that’s how you live or grew up or maybe that’s what happens in your cousin’s household; heck, maybe you are even partially accurate. Either way, under any scenario, if you’re using guesses and assumptions as the backbone to your media plan it will dramatically introduce errors and inaccuracies into the media buy, which will ultimately lead to wasted advertising budget and limiting the overall success of the campaign.
In short, ask questions, conduct research, critically analyze the answers you’re given, then repeat the process until all participating members are satisfied.

(via ClickZ)

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