Marketing to People with Money

I listened to a couple of folks talk about everything they learned at 2015’s SXSW Interactive conference (South by Southwest is an annual set of events held in Austin which includes marketing topics). They were talking about all of the cutting edge tech toys and ideas. They didn’t have any solutions or ideas for my team in particular to take away, more of a “here’s what others are doing…now you go think”
What it made me think though was no one has any marketing conferences (at least not big, flashy, popular conferences) regarding marketing to aging demographics. Marketing to people who have any money to spend will LIKELY not be marketing to Millenials or Generation Y even. Marketing to Generation X, Yuppies and Baby Boomers is where there’s more spending power. Those aren’t necessarily demographics that are completely consumed with all of the new technology and trends.
So, while the easiest news to find these days may be about how the new app is ‘all the rage’ and ‘where it’s at it doesn’t mean you have to jump on that bandwagon. There’s plenty of marketing still to be done in traditional channels.

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