Planning postage budgets for the year

What’s going to happen with postage rates for the remainder of this year? The short answer is: No one knows. However, it appears almost certain that postage rates will increase on April 26th and the new rates will be very close to the those identified here. It seems almost certain because, with this filing, the USPS requested approximately a 2% price increase and that request is consistent with their rate authority and the CPI-based formula as specified by current law.
What will happen with postage rates for the remainder of this year is not clear. Financial projections indicate that by September the USPS will have collected the amount of additional revenue that they are entitled to collect per the “exigent surcharge” which has been in place since January, 2014. Should postage rates be rolled back at that time? Most in the industry, believe that the correct answer to that question is: ‘Yes.’ Will postage rates be rolled back at that time? Speaking for myself personally, I doubt it. Why? Implementing postage rate changes requires a lot of effort; therefore, I suspect that the Postal Service and the Rate Commission will negotiate an agreement that does not involve changing rates twice within six months.
Given what is known and what isn’t, at this time, the best way for you to plan your postage budget for 2015 is to utilize the provided link. If you need help, please contact your Impact Representative. We’ll be happy to assist.

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