Don't Lose That Great Idea

We’ve all had some great ideas over the years. We all know a guy who ‘invented that first’. So what do you do with an idea that never came to fruition?
Here are a few tips to get your ideas back on track:

Dig out the nugget
Forget the millions of Word docs you’ve created — when you first thought of the idea, what excited you about it most? What were you hoping to accomplish? How would your company have benefitted?
Sometimes, we get so obsessed with the brainstorming and planning phase that we lose the essence of why we thought it was such an awesome idea to begin with.
Once you’re clear on the why — and, just as importantly, on what you want to end result to be — go back to your plans. What can you salvage? What needs to go? Be ruthless.

Bring in external counsel
If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to bring in someone who can offer an honest, external perspective. Just be sure you all agree on that person, so that everyone in the group will value — and listen to — his or her opinion.

Go do something else
Seriously. Go to the movies. Plan a weekend trip. Binge watch the new season of Orange is the New Black.
Don’t be afraid to scrap it
Remember: Throwing in the towel doesn’t mean defeat. It means you’re creating space for something better.

(via Mashable)

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