Be More Personal

Everyone likes to feel special. When a brand makes you feel special you like that brand more. When a brand you already like makes you feel special…well you see the pattern.
Personalizing your marketing isn’t hard it just takes a little effort. Using simple analytics to dig in to your data you can make each and every one of your customers feel special. Whether you have a product to sell or are looking for a donation taking the time to personalize will pay of in the long run.

The more you speak to thousands of customers as if they are thousands of customers, the less effective your marketing will be. The more you speak to ONE customer at a time, the more effective your marketing communication messages will be.

I know it seems easier to send one big email blast (or other communication) to thousands of prospects, however, that’s shortsighted. Take the investment in time (and possibly money) to ensure that each of your communications is as personalized as possible. The more you LISTEN and COMMUNICATE, the more personalized your marketing message will be, setting you up for longer-term success. This method of communication also builds long-term relationships, instead of short-term transactions.

(via ClickZ)