You're a Mobile Marketer

In the near future if you don’t want to own a smart phone then you won’t own a mobile phone. Smart devices will shape the future of many industries including marketing. If you ever email your customers whether it’s email marketing or transactional email then you are a mobile marketer.
Below are some statistics regarding this ever increasing marketing channel.

Email is the most popular activity on mobile.
In an online survey conducted by IDC and sponsored by Facebook, the majority of respondents (78%) reported using email on their mobile device – which was more than web browsing (73%) or Facebook (70%).

23% of every mobile Internet hour is spent in email.
If the time spent on the Internet via mobile was distilled into 1 hour, 14 minutes would be spent in email, beating out both social networking (9 minutes) and entertainment (8 minutes) by a significant margin.

So if you send emails to your customers or clients the next question you need to be considering is, are you designing for mobile?
(via Marketing Pilgrim)

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