Tomorrow’s Trends

The best way to guarantee future failure is to not take any little steps forward now.
A surefire way to hamper your company’s future success is to dismiss trends as simply fads that will go away and miss that these “fads” keep building on each other even though they may be temporary.
An excellent way to get left behind is to not adapt because you ‘don’t understand’ the trend and refuse to try.
If you think embarrassing yourself online would be a good idea, don’t bother to understand how your tools or applications really work. This will ensure that you use the tools poorly and look out of touch.
If you want to be sure your company is irrelevant to a large part of its audience do not listen to that segment but instead just keep talking at them.
A 100% full-proof way to guarantee irrelevance is to just stop learning.
These tips are guaranteed to help you fail

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