How Delivery Affects Your Direct Mail

Whether it’s standing up or sitting down, how my doctor delivers news matters. Whether it’s a text or a call, how my mom communicates with me gives me an idea of the weight of the matter. How your recipients choose to receive their direct mail tells you how likely it is that they’re engaged. A study requested by the USPS Inspector General looked in to the question ‘Does how mail recipients are communicated with matter?’ Here’s more on the process the Inspector Generals’s study:

 Delivery to curbside mailboxes or neighborhood cluster box units costs less than delivery to the door. But do curbside and cluster box delivery result in a lower level of customer engagement with mail? To find out, the Office of inspector General (OIG) asked the market research firm InfoTrends Inc. to conduct a survey of 5,000 postal customers. The OIG then asked Professor Michael Bradley of George Washington to analyze the survey data to determine how customer engagement with advertising mail varied by mode of delivery.

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(via USPS)

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