Tips For Holiday Marketing

October is here and the holidays are right around the corner. If you haven’t started your holiday marketing plan or if you’re in the middle of it here are some tips to help you reach your audience and keep them coming back:

  • Holiday activity is starting earlier every year. Thanksgiving promotions including Black Friday and Cyber Monday are opportunities that should be maximized.
  • Free shipping and free returns have been shown time and again across numerous studies to be the key to a consumer’s confidence and wallet. If you can’t work free shipping and returns into your margins and you don’t have a truly unique offering, then you may be crippling your efforts.
  • Offer a gift guide to make shopping easier and direct the overwhelmed consumer.
  • Test at least one new thing. This is a unique time of year and a unique opportunity to learn something and push your boundaries just a bit.
  • Holiday messaging can seem generic. Make sure you have appropriate and memorable images and messaging that highlight and enhance your unique brand.
  • Make your calls to action in all ads and online destinations direct and obvious. Trying to get too cute or obtuse when consumers are time-pressured and overwhelmed will hurt your conversions.

(via Clickz)

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