Thanks, Appreciation and Change

In honor of National Customer Service Week (October 5th through October 9th 2015) Thank you to all customer service personnel everywhere, account managers, account executives, call center representatives, waitresses, bartenders, receptionists, front desk staff . . . the list goes on.
Managers and Business owners, take a moment to offer thanks, appreciation and reflect on how your organization provides customer service both internally and to your customers.
Think about how many people in your organization are responsible for providing service to your customers and then think about how many provide service to your employees internally, in order for them to provide service to your customers.   Appreciate them for what they do each and every day.
Now think about what internal and external customers experience when interacting with your employees and company?  Think about the impact your employees have on your company, your customer satisfaction surveys, your sales and thus your bottom line.  Are you thrilled or do you see development areas?  Take baby steps or leaps and bounds to make improvements.
And know improvements mean Change.  You can bring positive change to the work place and build an uplifting environment that empowers your employees and improves their lives and in turn vastly improves your customers experience and your bottom line by:

  1. Building a Company Culture around providing great customer experiences
  2. Hiring friendly people on the front lines, in management and executive management
  3. Training your employees to focus on creating great customer experiences
  4. Providing ongoing customer service training and leadership training
  5. Establishing clear career paths and providing opportunities for advancement
  6. Creating a positive work environment and treating your employees with exceptional care
  7. Offering  great company benefits
  8. Providing incentives to your employees to make their providing exceptional customer service enjoyable and rewarding

Perhaps this InfoGraphic on the high cost of unhappy employees will inspire a leaps and bounds approach to organizational change.
Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Repeat Customers = Referrals = Long Term Client Relationships and that leads to increased sales revenue, less employee turn-over and less customer attrition.  This is a worthwhile investment strategy to consider during National Customer Service Week and all year long.

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