Subject Line => Content

Two simple things that need to happen when I put together a blog post. I need content and I need to accurately describe that content with my title. Those two things are simple in concept but difficult in effort at times. Nevertheless it’s good to keep these two concepts as priorities:

Write your subject line first. Like writing a good story or thesis, you need to have a clear and succinct objective. Your point needs to be clearly stated, and when it comes to your email program, the subject line serves as this statement. Too often, ample time is spent on the creative and copy that is contained within the email itself, leaving the subject line largely overlooked. Your subject line is critical to driving engagement and ultimately setting the appropriate expectations for your customer.
Don’t stop at the subject line. This is why starting with the subject line is important – it is where the conversation starts. It introduces the main idea of your email, and you need to make sure you provide the supporting content when the message is opened. Your subject line makes a promise to your recipient of what can be found inside. If there is a disconnect between the subject and the actual content, you may see great “open rates,” but you may also find that the recipient doesn’t follow through with the desired behavior. Be sure to deliver on that promise from start to finish.

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