Put Your Logo In Your Indicia

Here’s some more info as well as some tips from the USPS website:

Picture Permit Imprint Indicia is a new offering that provides commercial mailers with the opportunity to creatively add value to their mailpiece. It allows you to customize your permit indicia by incorporating a logo, picture, trademarked brand, or other image along with required information. This provides immediate recognition of companies’ logos, products, promotions, and brands and could improve the effectiveness of the overall mailing
 –    Boost mailpiece visibility, value, and open rate
 –    Raise brand awareness
 –    Enhance your mailpiece—make use of prime “real estate” in indicia area to attract more “eye-balls”
 –    Promote company products and services
 –    Business-themed images, such as corporate logos, trademarked brands, photographs, other graphics
 –    Color images only
 –    Full-service automation Intelligent Mail® barcode
 –    Nominal per piece fee in addition to postage
 –    Application, design approval, and sampling in advance
Currently, this offering is available for presort First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® letters and cards. The extra fee for Picture Permit First-Class Mail letters and cards is 1 cent per piece and for Standard Mail letters and cards, the fee is 2 cents per piece.

(via USPS)

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