Postal Reform Update from Tim Johnson

From Impact’s CEO Tim Johnson:
I make periodic visits to Washington DC to meet with USPS executives, members of the Postal Regulatory Commission, Senators and Congressmen.  The House Republican Leadership is tentatively scheduling a vote on postal reform (HR 2309) for the last week of July.  Here’s my opinion:
1.      The risk of business disruption for the reminder of 2012 is almost nonexistent.
2)      Yet this year, probably during the lame-duck session after the elections in November, I believe that the House will pass a bill (probably HR 2309) related to Postal Reform, then the  House bill and the Senate bill (S. 1789) will be sent to conference committee where a new compromise bill will be drafted.
3)      I suspect that the new compromise bill will then go back to both the House and the Senate where it will pass.
4)      I suspect that the new compromise bill will help the USPS a little but I won’t solve their long term financial problems.
5)      I suspect that the USPS will be back in a similar position in two years or less.
6)      I suspect that Saturday delivery will eventually be eliminated but not in the next two years.

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