Proven Quality Control for Color Management

Impact is proud to announce Dave Richter, a member of Impact’s Premedia team, has recently achieved G7 Expert certification as an expert in the field of color management, process and quality control for proofing and printing equipment. A G7 Expert is able to analyze color and print related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set method, standard or specification with repeatable, predictable results.
Achieving consistently accurate color across all communications in the enterprise is central to impactful branding. We want our business communications to reflect our passion for the value we deliver to our customers. Impact believes a strong commitment to constant improvement in our color management program helps earn the loyalty of our customers. Further, the G7 standard is an important part of our path forward to ensure a measurable, predictable, and uniform visual appearance of documents produced across our digital color platforms.
Congratulations, Dave, on passing the examination, achieving this distinction in your field, and helping create unforgettable experiences for Impact’s clients! Great job!

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