Plan. Build. Grow.

One of the cooler innovations that I remember was when computers started including ‘plug-n-play’ technology. That meant no more installation, no more waiting just plug in your new ‘toy’ and you were ready to go.
Unfortunately that’s not how marketing works. There is no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all. Here’s a couple of ways to build your approach to grow your customer base.

Understand what Prospects Need
It’s clear that targeted communications can help your customers of tomorrow better reach their end-users and drive revenue. So what do these prospects need in order to be swayed to your services? Like any organization, they need results! They need to know what your company can do for them. Results come in many forms, including increased market share, enhanced profitability, and capitalizing on new opportunities and markets.
In their book What Sticks, Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart note that “19% of marketing fails outright and 67% could achieve significant improvement that would require no additional spending.” So what needs to change? This is where your team can jump in. Significant results can be driven through messaging, the marketing mix and existence of supporting qualification processes.
Build a Plan
A clear business plan should help lead your sales staff by include goals, metrics, measurement criteria and processes. It should bring to life the services your company has to offer. These expectations and organization will help drive the sales team.

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