Add Passbook to your Email Marketing

Sephora Email ExampleIf you are an iPhone or iPad user you might use your new Passbook app, or maybe you just noticed it. Passbook is an app created by Apple as a place to store concert tickets, gift cards or coupons.
It’s very convenient. In fact I’ve got tickets on my phone for an upcoming Minnesota Twins game. When I bought the tickets I downloaded them to Passbook so now I don’t have to worry about printing them out, or keeping them filed away, they’re on my phone and I don’t have to worry.
So how can Passbook help you? Here are some ideas how you might be able to use Passbook in your email marketing:

If a high percentage of your subscribers read your messages on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, integrating Passbook with your email messages and mobile site could encourage your customers to interact with you across channels and enhance your email program.
Some of the top uses include:
        Boarding passes
        Loyalty/rewards cards
        Movie/concert/sporting event tickets
        Gift cards
        Gift card balance
Sephora, a Passbook early adopter, uses email to encourage subscribers to shop with the app. The message explains reasons for using Passbook but also includes a secondary CTA for smartphone users who don’t have iPhones or iPads. Sephora also has built its loyalty card into the Passbook app, giving users quick access to their cards whenever they shop.

Maybe gift cards or tickets aren’t up your alley but Passbook and other apps like it are still developing and changing. Passbook’s next tweak might be exactly what you need.
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