People Prefer Paper Promotions

In a world that is more and more focused on you and your smart phone there are some things that just haven’t changed yet. An overwhelming majority of consumers still prefer to get coupons mailed to them rather than sent to their mobile device.

  • The majority of consumers (75%) still prefer promotional content and coupons from traditional print media — such as magazines, newspapers, inserts, and flyers — followed by savings found online (72%) and coupons received after a purchase for future shopping (62%).
  • Nearly 6 in 10 (57%) of total respondents signed up for a retailer or grocer’s rewards or loyalty program this past year for a discount.
  • A majority (81%) would not search for promotions and coupons on a retailer or grocer’s mobile app and 73% would not want them sent directly to their mobile device.

(via Print in the Mix)

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