Improve Your Marketing Emails

Being the best at marketing is a moving target. While the end goal will typically always be the same (sell more) the way you market to help achieve that goal is always evolving.
The best example of this is email marketing. Sending emails to your audience isn’t as simple as a ‘blast’ like it was several years ago and a big part of that the growth of Gmail and the changes they make to their product. Below are some basic email marketing tips that will help you play well with Gmail and help you engage your audience.

  1. Create A Great Subject Line (64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line.) – Chadwick Martin Bailey
  2. Amazing Content With Call-To-Action
  3. Email Frequently (1-4 times a month)
  4. Personalize emails with name and relevant information (A recent study) shows that including personalized product recommendations into emails can generate a 20% increase in revenues.
  5. Hold the images and links I’d suggest no images and 2-3 links at the max.

(via Problogger)

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