Ideas for Marketing Planning

Many times when we come to a new project we bring old ideas. While bringing your proven skills to the table is good bring outdated methods back in to the mix isn’t the goal. Lots of times, whether we want to admit it or not, our old ideas may not be good ideas.
So it’s time to start over, begin anew and your first project meeting is upon you. What’s your plan? Below is a good place to start when trying to rethink your marketing strategy. The tips below were written for email marketing planning but the ideas transfer to any direct marketing design session.

Starting this effort right requires you to think wide and vast. The goal here is to capture all of your wild ideas that align with organizational goals and objectives. Remove guardrails from the conversation and focus on what you can do as an organization instead of what you cannot do. Thinking big and wide will allow you strive for something amazing for your email program without the constraints of reality holding you back. At this phase in the process, document what can be done with the channel as a whole. While normalizing against reality is still really important – you may find that your wild dreams aren’t terribly difficult to implement.

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