Does The Reason Even Matter?

When I take the exit to get to my house I always stay away from the right hand side of the road. The reason is because a friend said he took that exit too low one time and hit some water and ended up in the ditch. So I never risk it even when it’s dry out.
I asked my cousin once why he was so extremely frugal. He told me a story about one time when he accidentally put a $5 bill in to a claw game at the arcade. He only wanted to play once but the machine took all of his money. His father then walked up and scolded him for spending all of his money on one game. Since then he’s always been very careful with money.
Is that a silly reason to be frugal? Isn’t it just as foolish to never take the right hand side of the exit?
I find that it’s a good exercise to question my motives. Maybe I’m spot on and if so I’ve strengthened my position. But maybe the motivation is some trumped up outdated principle I invented for myself that should be done away with.

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