Direct Mail Wins Over Technology Evangelist

Direct mail can win anyone over. The simple reason…it works. Here’s an example:

An author, speaker, and self-styled digital “technology evangelist,” Ray is the founder of, a media company that counsels growing businesses on technology. Ray learned “firsthand about the power of direct mail when a flier arrived in his mailbox.
“Lo and behold, one day there’s a direct mail piece for ‘Furniture on Sale,’” Ray recalls. “My wife grabbed me and we went and bought a table. It hit me that direct mail is still relevant. All this time I’ve been a proponent of new digital technology, and there we were buying a table because a simple piece of paper came in the mail.”
Ray’s direct mail experience was such a revelation that he wrote about it on his blog. “It just showed me that social media isn’t the best for everybody,” Ray says. 

After his ‘revelation’ he seems to be a big fan of direct mail.

“I got a flyer in the mail from Paul Fredricks for shirts,” he says with a laugh. “That’s when I bought my shirts!”

(via Deliver Magazine)

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