Communicate More in Your Communications

When you are an expert in your field you will speak like an expert. That’s a good thing. It can help you when you’re with your peers and can simplify lots of your interactions with your coworkers. Where it can get in the way is when you take for granted the foundational things you know when you are speaking to others. Here are some good reminders when communicating with ‘non-experts’.

1. Avoid jargon or technical terms
Use clear, concise language that everyone can understand. You do not need to use jargon or fancy terms to come across as an expert; simply blogging regularly and providing valuable information will accomplish that.
2. Break how-tos into action steps
Don’t assume that just because you know how to do something, everyone else does too. Break down instructions into simple action steps that someone just starting out on your topic can follow.
3. Write your posts for one person, not your entire audience
You might find it strange to think about singling one person out to write to in your posts. But the value in speaking to one person instead of a group is that usually, most people are sitting down, alone, to read your blog. There probably isn’t a huge group of your followers crowded around a laptop in a coffee shop all reading it together. For example, write “you” instead of “you guys.” The same goes for video blogs: speak to a single viewer, not to your entire audience.

(via ProBlogger)

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