Designing for Nonprofits

Designing for a nonprofit can be especially hard work. Not only is a designer trying to create a website or a physical piece that must also be ascetically pleasing there must be a balance so that the cause at hand is taken seriously. If the design isn’t eye-grabbing the nonprofit could suffer.
Below are some tips for all aspects of a nonprofits design efforts, including web design. These tips are good reminders that quality design can really help your nonprofit be more successful.

Highlight the organization’s positive impact.

While your nonprofit might be dealing with terrible, overwhelmingly depressing world events, your design should also zero in on the good your nonprofit does, how it addresses the big issues.

Let the design tell compelling stories.

Good design isn’t just visual — it’s informative, and often entertaining. That’s how design draws anyone in, in any sector, but it’s especially relevant for the social good space.

Add a human, personable touch.

Visitors to your nonprofit’s website shouldn’t feel as if they’re closed off from the cause; they should feel part of the community creating change. Iterate with your site’s language, bright color palettes, illustrations or photos of people working together, helping their communities.

Leverage aesthetics thoughtfully.

When money is tight, aesthetic decisions may seem minor, but a beautiful site could be the difference between gaining or losing support.

Design for impact.

Just as you should know who you’re designing for, you should also understand how people will interact and connect with your design.

Will they be in the field using outdated devices with poor Internet connections? Will they be in schools on older PC computers using Internet Explorer?

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