3 Direct Mail Ideas

Nothing is original. All the styles today are just rehashes of styles from days gone by. All movies are remakes or reboots of stories we already know. Here’s the thing about the folks coming up with the ‘new’ style or the ‘new movies…they’re selling.
Just because your idea isn’t the most original doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Sometimes looking at others ideas can help you with your own. If it works with movies it’ll work with mail. If you’re having trouble getting the idea juices flowing here are a few ideas that you may want to use in your next direct marketing campaign.

Make the Journey Personal
Maps are a pretty common element in direct mail. Whether it’s an insurance agent looking for leads, or a retail store announcing a grand opening, they’re used to show the consumer a location or an end point.

Call Out Your Competition
Comparing your product or service to someone else’s is a standard practice for some marketers. Car insurance companies spar over prices, and credit card providers showcase their benefits versus those offered by others. It’s done in a pretty low-key, even genteel way.

Make Your Testimonials Real
Testimonials from satisfied customers are a staple of all marketing. Often, though, they’re little more than a vague quote and customer ID. And often they’re shunted off to a sidebar, a brochure, or some other insert.

Using a photo of a real person, an authentic (or authentic-sounding) story, and a specific problem or issue addressed by one or more of the selling points helps bolster a company’s claims.

(via Direct Marketing IQ)

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