Contextual Marketing

Marketing is getting more and more focused on personal interactions with the consumer. This starts with personalized data. The next wave of marketing focus will be to build on that personal interaction with contextual marketing.
The more data that is gathered will give the analytics team more insight in to the consumer. That data can help put your message in the context that will increase its influence. There is obviously a level of data analytic maturity that is required to create contextual interactions but it isn’t impossible.
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We should use interaction media, not just as an outbound tool to target the customer, but also as one that tells us something about the customer, such as where they are, what device they’re using, or what time of day they are interacting. That additional piece of information gives us an extra window into the consumer and their situation that allows us to re-­contextualize the interaction, infer what would be most relevant, and decide on a better path of interaction to enhance the consumer experience.
So if I were to put my old analyst hat back on and give some advice, it would be to take a break from looking for the next new technology, and take an honest look at your current processes. Determine whether they are up to date for an always-on consumer. If you are trying to be more customer-centric, which brands increasingly tell us they wish to be, evaluate whether your processes enable you to recognize a customer in real-­time, to identify his or her situation, and to adapt to that intelligence in such a way to deliver value.

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