Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital print isn’t just some buzzword because marketers got tired of saying ‘laser print’. There are several benefits to digital print including a few listed below. It might not be the best option for everyone but it could be right for you. Here’s a few things it offers:

Increased customization with 100% variable content delivered at full press speed and quality – customers (and prospects) can receive differentiated images, text and offers based on available intelligence derived from data about those customers.
Time and cost savings because of less waste and spoilage, and there is no needed plate changes and no preprinted stock inventory to be stored. Production processes are far more efficient, and overages are absent.
Decreased time to market via a complete high-speed digital production process that starts with white paper and ends with fully customized mail – in line and without job stops and starts. In some vertical markets – retail, real estate, financial services, for example – speed in communication matters, depending on the purpose of the communication. Having such speed in hardcopy communication can elevate customer engagement and response.

(via Target Marketing)

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