2013 Marketing Buzzwords

Here’s a list of made up words that none of us will use this year but we will see in an article here or there:

Advertainment — “Advertising is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in, it’s about being what people are interested in.”
Phablets — A mixture of a smartphone and tablet.
Growth hacker — “A role that replaces traditional marketing roles in fast-growing businesses.”
Social learning — “An individual’s learning a skill through observation, without necessarily changing their behaviors or on-the-job performance.
Alphanista — “Successful women in powerful positions having it all.”
Acqui-hire — “A blend of acquired and hired.”
Return on involvement — A brand that “gets involved with their community will garner better return on their investment by getting involved hosting fundraisers, partnering with schools and giving the local residents a gathering spot.”
Inventreprenuers — “An entrepreneur-inventor hybrid that markets and/or manufactures their own creation.”
Twinternship — “An internship where the student’s mission is to promote the company and its brands using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.”
Wantrepreneur — Someone who hasn’t “taken all the steps necessary to take the leap” into entrepreneurship.
Minergy — Someone who uses “minimal energy to get the task accomplished.”
Tri-ti-tasking — “Doing three things at once.”

(via Mashable)

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