Your Customer List Is Your Company’s Biggest Asset

With low open rates and even lower conversion rates, email marketing gets a bad name.  Many business owners only engage in it because they feel some sort of obligation, or perhaps they heard a marketing guru emphasize email, so they give a half-hearted effort to send out a monthly newsletter with last-minute content.
However, a well-managed email list could be your company’s single most valuable asset.
Impact started over three decades ago with a telephone book and an idea. George Johnson had a simple idea that he could advertise his furniture store much more effectively through his own circular publication than through somebody else’s.  But how could he send it out? That’s where the telephone book came in.
Rather than working from somebody else’s list, George enlisted several people to start copying names and addresses from the telephone book into his own database. What he created was the most valuable information that a company can have, customer information that would lead to sales.
Although he did not know it at the time, George was an early player in the information era.  He understood that having access to a customer would make it easier to drive sales to his business.
Of course, when George sent fliers to his entire hometown, only a few people responded, the people in the market for furniture, but this taught him to segment his customer information, so that he could drive the most sales and create the maximum value for his customers time and again.
Gary Halbert (the famed copywriter) says this, “What I am trying to teach you here is to constantly be on the lookout for groups of people (markets) who have demonstrated that they are starving (or at least hungry!) for some particular product or service…”
The best list of all is your own customer list!
If you don’t have the staff, analytical resources, and data-driven communications ability, but want to use modern disruptive marketing more effectively, we can help you analyze your customer/sales information in order to better understand market segments and how to better position and market your business.  We can create data-driven marketing communications using both Email and direct mail to take full advantage of your company’s greatest asset.
If you’re not satisfied with your company’s performance and you’re interested in turning your customer list into your strongest asset contact Jeff Stout at or 612-638-1428.