Why Cross-Channel Consistency Is So Important

Whether you are using direct mail, email, mobile, or signage, you have likely heard people talking about the importance of the “omnichannel” experience. New data from ForeSee shows us just why this is so important.
Today, the customer’s purchase journey is often non-linear. Customers may learn about your product via email but end up purchasing in-store rather than online. They may learn about your product through direct mail, and even with a physical coupon, they may end up buying via a mobile device.
ForeSee’s “Experience Index: US Retail,” shows the variation in the start and end points of the customer journey.
Of those who begin their journey in the store:

  • 19% complete their journey on their laptop/desktop.
  • 6% complete their journey on mobile.
  • 74% complete their journey in-store.

Of those who begin their journey via desktop / laptop:

  • 26% complete their journey in-store.
  • 60% complete their journey on the desktop/laptop.
  • 13% complete their journey on mobile.

Of those who start their journey on mobile:

  • 25% complete their journey in-store.
  • 40% complete their journey on the laptop/desktop.
  • 33% complete their journey on mobile.

The takeaway? Regardless of whether your targets are reached by direct mail, email, or mobile, or whether you have grabbed their attention with sidewalk displays or in-store graphics, consumers want an experience that is positive and predictable. This means maintaining consistency across channels in design, layout, color, messaging, CTAs, and more.
This is one of the benefits of having one company manage all or most of the channels in your campaign—greater consistency and predictability in your brand messaging.
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