What Should Your QR Code Link To?

Last summer the USPS offered postage discounts for mailers using QR codes and this summer they will be running that promotion again. One common misconception that a marketer can make is “I have nothing to link to”. You may not have something that will make national headlines but you can still come up with something that will get your customer base buzzing.  Here is a breakdown of what you would have seen if you scanned a QR code in 2011:
        40.7% led readers to content with a sales focus providing information about products and services
        23.2% of the ads led to sites with a branding and engagement focus
        12.7% showcased a video
        7.8% showcased promotions and contests
        3.5% provided miscellaneous info, such as store locators, addresses, and hours
        3.0% linked to a brand or company’s Facebook, Twitter, or other social network presence
        2.2% downloaded an app
        1.0% received an coupon or special offer.
(via Print in the Mix)

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