Use Your Data

Data is information. And information about you, your neighbor and your neighbor’s dog is being collected, stored and analyzed. Some of it is faceless data for instance your grocery store knows that lots of milk is sold on Saturday afternoons, but they don’t know that John Smith gets his milk every Saturday at 2pm. Some of it is tied directly to you, like the place you get your oil changed knows that you’re due for a tire rotation next month. Data is everywhere.
You can learn a lot about your customers from your data. More and more websites have targeted ads. Marketers know that the user of your computer bought a baseball jersey one time so you get baseball jersey ads. The ways to use and leverage data is only growing.
What does this mean for marketers? Well, you need to get to know your database.

Today, our work is defined by data. As marketers, we have to supply actionable, data-driven answers to just about any question, from the most effective marketing channels and campaigns to the number of leads we can deliver.
We need to put data to work so we can tell our own stories. With data we can deliver factual stories that show why customers love us; how our products help them perform better, faster, and more efficiently; and why we deliver a competitive edge.
In the new world of modern marketing, the most successful professionals are the ones who can make their data tell a story.

(via DM News)

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