Track Direct Mail Campaigns With Call Tracking

A common theme in marketing these days is trackability. The ability to track the effectiveness of your marketing is easier to obtain now than it’s ever been, but it feels like this is really more a feature for electronic marketing than traditional. One simple way that might help you track your direct mail campaign is Call Tracking.
Call Tracking is easy, just set up a unique phone numbers for your marketing campaign then track the calls. It’s the simplest way to track your direct mail campaign. Here’s a bit more on the concept from Direct Marketing News:

There’s no rational reason why anyone should spend a dime, dollar, or penny on direct mail and then fail to use a call tracking number on the direct mail pieces themselves. Call tracking numbers provide incredibly valuable data about which mailers produce calls.
Not only can they tell you which ad copy, colors, size, CTA, geographic targeting efforts, and offers, produce calls—they can tell you which don’t. They’re also really easy to implement on direct mail pieces. You’re putting a phone number on their anyway, right? You might as well put a phone number that gives you data.

(via DM News)

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