Tips for Writing to People

I am a parent of three little girls. These girls are all very different but they all share one crucial trait that makes life…interesting. They can’t listen. I didn’t say they don’t listen, no, the evidence shows that it is seemingly lack the ability to listen. This can make telling them thing very tedious.
Our marketing messages can get the same way. Our audience seemingly can’t listen. There’s so much marketing that they see on a daily basis. It would be wise of us to revisit how we speak to them. One thing that can be helpful to remember is that you’re writing to a person. Here’s some good advice:

Write For Real People

Once your canvas is ready (your design) you can now fill it with glorious content that knocks people’s socks off! But the most important thing to remember is just that— you want to knock people’s socks off. Not robots: real people.

Having a voice that people can relate to is crucial to growing your readership. If people can’t relate to what you’re saying or how you’re saying it, why would they return?

One thing that has helped me to communicate effectively to my readership is focusing in on exactly who I’m speaking to. No, I’m not talking about my demographic or target audience— that’s not specific enough. To effectively write from an authentic, relatable voice you need to write as if you’re talking to one person.

Try this as an exercise– the next time you draft up a blog post, think of one person in your life that could benefit from the information you’re about to write, and write it in such a way as if you’re talking directly to them. This will help you communicate your message more clearly and your voice will be more authentic.

And people will love you for it.

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