The Most Important Analytics Question

With the ‘Big Data’ movement these days you can be assured that there’s plenty of data being collected. Having more data is good for marketers. On top of that there is plenty that you can do with your data to learn more things about your customers. The thing is though the goal isn’t to have MORE data or MORE reports as an end in themselves. The goal is…well whatever you need it to be.
Below is a word of wisdom from an analyst on how to help an analyst understand what you want to achieve with your data. If you know the end goal of your direct marketing be sure to communicate that to your analyst.

[The Analyst] needs to understand what it is [their teams] are trying to do as opposed to just understanding what it is they say they want to know and then they can frame the analysis accordingly. There should always be a purpose to the question. If you’re an analyst, don’t be afraid to ask what it is.

(via ClickZ)

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