The Importance of Plastic Forks

When walking back to my desk from the break room yesterday I realized that I was very thankful that work provides me with plastic cutlery. The last place I worked did not provide plastic cutlery of any kind. While that may not seem like a very big deal I do remember there being lots of frustration when someone had brought something to eat but couldn’t actually eat it. One of the worst things that can happen at work is leaving your break time more frustrated than when it started.
While ‘forks’ or ‘no forks’ is a really minor thing it does lend to me liking where I work. While the company may see a line item for plastic cutlery and see it as sheer cost it provides a minor benefit that is incalculable. And work places that do one little thing often do lots of little things and those little things add up.
The big picture is companies that have happy employees try to help their employees not be frustrated in whatever way possible. It may be software that isn’t required but is helpful. It may be providing standing desks for some workers. It may be plastic forks. Keeping employees happy should never be seen as just a cost.

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