So, we have data…now what? The IS Strategy Triangle.

We all know that we live in an ever increasingly information based age.  There is a mad rush in the business world to record as much data as possible in our businesses.  This want and rush only grows as data recording technology expands from deliberate recording into the passive and the Internet of Things.  Information systems and data recording devices are becoming so ubiquitous in the business world, essentially any business can now chase data capturing and IS spends into bankruptcy with almost no real business advantages or insight gained.  That is why, more than ever, it is critical to be strategic with your information systems.
Let us take a step back and think about what information systems really are.  They are systems consisting of technological applications, deliberate data recording points, and reporting features that exist within the framework of an organization to support an overall business strategy.  Too often IS exists on an island in organizations where the only thing the business leaders know about it is that it is expensive.
This brings us to the IS Strategy Triangle.  The best breakdown of the IS Strategy Triangle that I’m aware of is by Keri Pearlson & Carol Saunders. It outlines the importance that Information Systems Strategy has to be in alignment with your Organizational and Business Strategies.  Information System Strategy must be deliberate and purposeful.  Deliberate and purposefully designed information systems are leveraged to make a business more efficient and/or to support a competitive advantage within the overall business strategy.
Minding the IS Strategy Triangle and implications thereof turns IS spends from expenses to investments.

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