Today is Bastille Day. I had planned to write about the French Revolution but then I received an email last Friday that propelled me to a write about another revolution:  The Geek Revolution.
In case the more sophisticated intellects, couture divas and self-absorbed millennials have not noticed yet, self-proclaimed Geeks are the new Black. WhereoWare proclaimed Monday, July 13th as Embrace your Geekness Day!
This is a “Geek Chic”  event calling geeks to action by asking them to Tweet, email or Facebook a geek selfie to WhereoWare and in turn they donates $15* per selfie to  (*up to $1,000)
Thank you WhereoWare. We are not only proud to call you a marketing partner, but a trail blazer in celebrating Geekness!  So, let’s hear it for all of us who grew up with Star Trek when Kirk was hot, who watched Dr. Who regenerate in color for the first time, could not get enough Lost in Space or the Jetsons and saw Jaws and Star Wars, the first ones, in a theater for about $3.00.  We had to hide our Geekness then, because in the late 80’s and 90’s Cool Ruled, but now, Geekness is in style and being shared all over the internet.
What else being shared is all kinds of comparisons for Geek vs Nerd and Geeks vs Freaks.  And then there are Techies and Foodies that may or may not fit into the aforementioned categories as well.
Who knew there were detailed descriptions for these adjectives that have become nouns and how they have played out in careers and life? A lesser known divide I stumbled across pits creative types against Geeks in an agency setting.

Outside of the ad industry, geeks get much love and respect. Undoubtedly, for several decades now, geeks have been building the future. In our industry, though, geeks get pushed aside, or rather, pushed back to the very last phase of an assignment at most agencies.
In addition to this, the word data solicits completely opposing reactions: marketers love it. Creatives hate it. Data is essentially a body of facts or information. That’s why marketers love it—precisely because it’s facts about the world we live in. And from facts come truth. But data is the opposite of magic and inspiration. It’s seen as something that kills creativity. (Rei Inamoto is chief creative officer at AKQA Posted on Fast Company & Inc)

This begs the question; can’t we all just get along?  Whether focused on one skill or many, whether possessing an aptitude for Hardware or Software or Creative or Data Analytics or Project Management? It takes a diverse and talented team to execute marketing campaigns and support the broadcast channels.  Geeks, Techies, Nerds and Freaks have built these digital environments providing the creatives and marketers a larger universe to explore.
On this Bastille Day, Celebrate the Geek, the Nerd, The Freak, The Techie and Revolution.

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